Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week 13

My little Plum!

This week was Easter so it was nice to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and what that means to us. I can’t wait to share the story with you and see you hunt for Easter eggs. Actually I am really excited to see you in your cute little Easter outfit, you will look SO cute!

We went out to Chino Hills to have dinner with your dad’s family since your Aunt Mel & Uncle Adam are moving to Oklahoma this week. We are sad that they are leaving but really excited to see what God does in their marriage & ministry in the coming year.

Your grandma, grandpa, Aunt Emily & great-grandma came to Easter service with us at Saddleback. We had a huge celebration for our 30th anniversary and services were held at Angel Stadium, it was so much fun. When we got home from lunch with the family we had a really long earthquake. I’m sure you did not feel anything but it was one of the longest ones we have ever had.

Love you!
Your Mother

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