Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week 9

My Little Grape!

This week was your Grandma Brook’s birthday so we went on a fun dinner cruise with all of your aunt’s & uncles. I have been feeling sick the last week so I was a little nervous about being on a ship with all the motion. You did great, it was fun to see your grandma let loose and enjoy her 50th birthday. She is SO excited to meet you, she loves to talk to my belly. Your grandpa says she uses my belly button as a microphone.

It was also your Grandpa McCoy’s birthday so we had dinner with that side of your family as well. We went to your grandpa’s sisters house for dinner and they we so excited to see us. They are so encouraging and love you so much. My aunt Debbie had made me this cute little burp cloth with little feet prints on them. I can’t believe you little feet will be that small. I just want to hold you, hurry up and be October already!

Love you baby!
~Your mommy

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