Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week 10

My Cute Kumquat!

We had a great relaxing weekend with all of the Ministry Staff Wives. I spent three days relaxing and much of that time talking about babies. Most of the women there have just had kids or are pregnant right now so I was able to dream with them. It was so sweet to hear all of their stories of their kids and thinking of how you will be. I just can’t wait to sit around the table with them next year and share all the cute things you have been doing.

I also have been feeling SO much better this week. I am hoping this is the new trend and that I can start eating better. Your dad missed us even though we were only gone for 2 days. He is going to be a wonderful daddy to you. I have really enjoyed seeing him grow into this fatherly role. You are going to be a lucky little one.

Love you so much!

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