Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 11

My little Fig!!

All I have wanted to call you all week is a little Fig Newton!! I have officially started showing this week…it is so crazy! Your dad just loves that I have a little baby bump. He just can’t stop rubbing my belly and talking to you, I love seeing those sweet moments. I think sometimes he forgets that I can hear what he is saying and that he is just talking to you, so cute!

Next week we have another doctor’s appointment and we get to see you again. We are so excited to hear your heart and see your sweet little profile. Your daddy keeps asking me when we can find out if you are a little boy or girl. I keep telling him that we have a few more weeks. Today your dad came home with your first pair of little rainbow sandals, they are precious!

Love you more then you know!
~Your Mom

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