Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sister Love!

You girls really love each other already!  We were not sure how Hallee would react seeing Zoey for the first time & it was PERFECT!  Since that moment you have been inseparapable.  Hallee wakes up in the morning asking for ZoSee & can't wait to kiss & hold her little sis. 

Your first meeting!

Comes with kisses

and hugs

Zoey bought Hallee a new American Doll

Hallee had to check out Zoey's hospital bed

and her Paci

At home checking out Zoey's bassinet...and Paci!

Swaddle sisters!

Peacefully soaking up some afternoon sun


Sis arrives!


Hallee loves to do Market (this little piggy)  
on little sissy!

Market...Market...Market...A wee wee wee!


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