Tuesday, June 26, 2012

38 Weeks!

Belly Picture & 4 Generations!
Sweet Little Girl!

This week we had the joy of celbrating you with our family & a few close friends.  It is always fun to stop & spend some time focusing on you!  Everyone is so excited to meet you soon.  Your grandma & Auntie did such a great job decorating for the baby shower.  It was tea party themed so we had tons of tea, little sandwiches, scones & delicious desserts!

To die for...YUM!!

Sweet Nolan!

Serious Graham!

Courious Ace!

 I have been having contractions every 20 minutes for a few days & when I went to the doctors I am 3 centimeters & 50%.  The contractions are not painful they are just annoying because they are so consistent.  We are thinking that means you will be here anytime.  

You are greatly loved sweetie!!

Your Mom

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