Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh Boy!

It is such a lovely thing having a little boy in the house. We are doing things we have not done before, like building tents under the table & playing with cars. It is amazing how God designed us each uniquely & how Kingston has brought a new fun to our little house. Hallee truly loves having a playmate & enjoys copying everything he does. That is something we are working on since that means the bad & good :) The two of them share so well & truly entertain each othermost of the time. Now if only Hallee could pick up Kingston's sleeping habits we would be set! We can't wait to add little Zoey to the beautiful chaos!!

War wounds...or as Hallee would
call them Oooowee!


  1. Did you adopt a little boy? Looks like a lot fun in that house!

  2. My cousins 3 year old son is living with us for the time being :)

    1. Oh, fun! Your daughter is too cute!