Tuesday, March 20, 2012

24 Weeks!

Sweet Girl!

Time is flying by in this pregnancy! I truly can not believe that we are already 6 months into this blessing. You are growing like crazy, you are longer then a foot, about the length of an ear of corn. Your favorite time of day is bed time. I think cause you finally get daddy & I to yourself you make sure we spend some time with you. You are getting so strong & your kicks are so fun. We can sit there & watch my belly twitch & we just laugh at you.

This week has been a lot of change for us & we thank you for being such a trooper. We have become a family of 4.5 this week. We have our cousin Kingston living with us for a while. He is the cutest 3 year old boy with such a great personality. He really likes you & frequently asks about baby Zoey sleeping in my belly. "Is she ready to wake up yet?" It is funny when him & Hallee are both talking to you. You are going to love playing with the two of them when you get here.

Praying for you little girl! We are blessed to be your parents & can't wait to see your cute face here in a few weeks. We love you most Zoey!!


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