Tuesday, March 13, 2012

23 Weeks!


Mango happens to be one of my favorite fruits so I have been admiring how big you already are every time I eat one. We visited the doctor this week for our regular check up & all is well. You heartbeat was very strong & perfect. The doctor was laughing because you would not sit still, I think you could hear us talking about you. We are blessed to have such an awesome doctor.

Our awesome friends the McCawley's found out that they are having another little girl too!! It is SO much fun to watch Hallee & Kara play together I just can't wait to see the 2 of you girls have the same unique friendship. We are extremely lucky to have them in our lives & share this journey of growing our family together. I am still in shock that all 5 of my girlfriends who are having babies are having girls. CRAZY! It will be awesome for you to have fun girlfriends.

Every night before we tuck Hallee in bed we pray together as a family, it is such a sweet moment. I pray you know you are becoming part of an extremely close family who loves & supports each other. Also know that your big sister is slightly obsessed with you, she kisses & rubs my belly everyday. I look forward to the day when she gets to hold & really kiss your chubby little cheeks. Zoey you are cherished, we love you SO much!


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