Tuesday, March 6, 2012

22 Weeks!

Little One!

WOW you are already a pound & as long as a squash. I feel like for as big as I feel you should weigh more than that but I will take it. I have finally given in & started to wear some of my maternity clothes & it is so much more comfortable. I have to say that I don't have many to choose from so I only wear them sometimes, jeans & rubber bands are still my friend right now :)

This week your uncle Ryan got engaged so that was exciting news for our family. They are going to be looking to get married sometime next year so you will for sure be around for the big day. I can't imagine the day that you & your sister are old enough to get married. I pray that you find a man that loves & cherishes you like our Savior does. I know that the Lord has some amazing person in mind for you right now & that is lovely. Only He could pick the perfect match for our little Zoey Ryan.

We have another doctors appointment next week so we are looking forward to hearing your sweet heartbeat. Stay healthy in there, it is a yucky time of year out here...everyone is getting the flu. Thankfully daddy has been the only one that has caught anything. Love love love you sweetie!


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