Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zoey Ryan!!

So today we found out that you are a sweet little girl!! It is so refreshing to be able to call you by name now. Zoey Ryan!! We had a little discussion on how we were going to spell your first name but we have definitely decided on Zoey :)

We were able to spend the moment finding out with our family & close friends. When we did the reveal we did not know, just like when we found out with Hallee. There is something so sweet about finding out with those closest to you. With your reveal we used silly string that was either going to be blue or pink. We went & had an ultrasound the day before the party & had the tech put your gender in an envelope. It took a lot of convincing to not let your dad peek, he was just so excited! I gave the sealed envelope to my co-worker & had her get the correct cans ready for us.

After everyone had arrived & mingled for a little while we were set to go. We all had a can of silly string in our hand anxious to spray them! Your dad, sis & I faced everyone & counted to three...everyone sprayed at the same time! As it feel to the ground we all cheered in excitement...GIRL!! Sisters are going to be SO much fun!! We love you sweet Zoey Ryan Brook!!

Big Sissy!

Crazy Auntie Emily

The aftermath

Our awesome small group!
2 girls, 2 girls on the way &
2 genders to be determined

**Thank you for the beautiful pics Hayley!

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  1. Such a fun way to find out what you are having :) I can't wait to see how amazing their sister relationship is going to be!