Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 Weeks!


You have been better to me this week! I have only gotten sick once this week so I am hoping that is the new trend. I have never had a fig but that is how big you are today, 1 1/2 inches long, still so tiny. The great thing is that you are growing strong & getting all your stuff in order for the next few months in there. I think the best part of feeling better is that I am able to enjoy dreaming about you even more.

This week we got some great news our dear friends Kara & Marc got the phone call we have all been praying for! They were matched with the sweetest little boy, Nolan Fox! We got to celebrate & love on them at a baby shower. I get excited thinking of the play dates Hallee, Nolan & you will have in the years to come. Marc & Kara are the cutest parents & it is fun seeing their family grow!

We are excited to celebrate our Saviors birth in a few days!! I hope you are enjoying Christmas in there! All the gifts are bought, wrapped & ready to give to our loved ones. Now we just get to spend time with family & eat lots of food. I hope you let me eat more then you did on Thanksgiving :)

Love you sweetie!

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