Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Bunny Girl!

Easter is such a exciting day for us where we get to celebrate our Savior & all he has done for us. Christmas is an important holiday but it really means nothing without Easter. The past week we got to reflect on all Christ endured for us on the cross & today we get to celebrate that HE IS RISEN!! Thank you Christ for finding us worthy & the grace you extend to us daily. Church services were awesome & it was a joy to see everyone there honoring all you have done. I am excited for you to have a better understanding of this in the years to come. For now you just look adorable in your Easter dress...

Daddy & Uncle Daniel took you on the bounce house slide & you seemed to enjoy it at first...
Not so much at the end...
You are shaping up to be a real animal lover. You want to pet anything that moves & would really enjoy if they would let you ride on their back. It was fun that at church they had a little petting zoo for the kids to enjoy.
You wanted to get in the cage so bad

Beach Bunny basket from Grandma & Grandpa

Cute little bunny

A friend of ours has a bunny costume so we got to dress you up & take you to sit on Easter bunnies lap. You were so happy it was not even like you were sitting on a characters are the best. You could not figure out your Easter dress you just kept playing with the frilly stuff on the front. Then you were super intrigued by your shoes since you very rarely wear them, I think you thought they were toys. You looked SO cute!!

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  1. Love the shot with the bunny ears! Too cute!