Saturday, April 23, 2011


Beach Babe!

The amazing thing about where we live is that we can walk to the beach on days when it is beautiful outside, today was one of those days! You are becoming such a lover of the beach or at least of being outside. Your daddy can't wait until the day the two of you can play in the water & surf together. How much fun the two of you will have, you are going to be such a energetic girl.
So cool with your sunglasses
We decided since it was warm outside we would let you put your feet in for the first time. We figured that since you love the bath & don't seem to mind the sand that you would really enjoy putting your feet in the water. Well...

Waiting for the wave...
In shock...
No definitely not loving it like your bath
Loving the bubbles


  1. Haha :) Asher had a similar experience today. He freaked out when I set him down in the grass! Must not have liked the feeling...

  2. LOVE the sunglasses on Hallee!! She looks so cute!!

  3. Those are acutally from your fam!! :)

  4. I love her reaction to the water!

    I feel like that sometimes too Hallee!!! That water is cold! =) You look too cool for school with your shades on girlie!