Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 1/2 B-Day!!

Sweets! So for your 1/2 Birthday we decided to head to the beach after church. You have been down by the beach many times but you have not really been in the sand yet so it was exciting. The sand did not really seem to phase you at all. I even put you in a tutu to take some pictures so you were just in a diaper & all you did was stick your hands in there and throw it around. I have to say that going to the beach is not quite as simple as before. We had to remember an umbrella, blanket for you to crawl on, change of clothes & constantly make sure you were out of the sun. Even though it was a little more work it was SO much fun! Im really really glad that summer if finally here & that we are blessed to live where we do so we can have many more beach trips.
6 month old baby girl!

Scoping out the sand... Your first time on the swings, you seemed to enjoy them

Oh how life has change for our group of friends...EXCITING!

How do you not love that face! I just adore this outfit! I actually bought it when I found out we were

having a baby before I knew it was going to be a little girl. Always SO happy!


  1. adorable! good to see you at church sunday even though it was for .5 seconds.

  2. Hallee Jane, I love you!! And I love your momma and your daddy too!! Praising God for 6 months of life <3

  3. I love the shot of her new teeth! She is simply adorable! I can't wait to squeeze her chubby body!

  4. Oh my goodness, Hallee is getting soooo big!! We miss you guys so much:( Give her a big kiss from the Giaretta family!!

  5. I just want to pinch her!!! Can't wait to get together!!! Autny B loves you Hallee and I can't believe how big you are geting!