Monday, April 4, 2011

5 Months Old

Big girl! During your 5 month you have changed so very much! I really feel like time is going by so fast. I'm not going to lie the night before you turned 6 months old I might have cried. You were going to be 1/2 a year old!! I have LOVE every second of you in my life, thank you for being such a happy baby. This month you have really become mobile. You love to scoot around on the floor especially if there is something exciting to crawl to. You love your paci or the new cell phone grandma got you. Grandma came out to watch you one day while mommy & daddy were at work & when I got home she said, "We had to make a trip to Walmart...she NEEDED a cell phone!" Love it! You really like to say baba, mama & dudu a lot. You do say baba a lot when you are hungry so I think you might be starting to know what that means. This is your famous "yoga" or "pilates" pose! Whenever you are crawling around you like to balance on one of your sides & just hang out there. We like to say you are working on your core strength. You are the funniest baby...I mean little girl ever! So we are big Dodger fans around here & daddy made sure to dress you in your Dodger blue on opening day. You both look so cute together. I can't wait to take you to your very first Dodger game this season. GO BLUE!! You are such a determined little girl when you see something you want nothing stops you. You have really learned to love the remote control, your glow worm, keys, cell phones & anything that you can chew on. Speaking of chewing on things you got your first...or should I say 2 teeth this month. Your two bottom front teeth came in on March 23rd. You still have not quite figured out what they are you like to run your tongue across them so you look like a little lizard. I just love your little smile, really it is a BIG smile. I'm not sure why you smile with such an open mouth but I just adore it! You just love to smile & laugh at everyone it is so sweet. You really enjoy sitting up & reaching for any toys around you. You are such a busy body you have made changing your diaper a pain now, you refuse to stay still! I think it is funny because when you roll over & your little naked butt is sticking up it is cute. You also like to do everything yourself like put your own pacifier in, feed yourself your baba & anything else we will let you do. You are truly going to be an independent little girl. You are also one tough cookie it takes a lot for you to cry. I was nervous since we have hard wood floor & tile in our house that when you started to crawl there would be many tears. I was wrong you will bonk your head & not even cry, lets hope that stays true when you start walking....which I think will be too soon! This month we celebrated grandpas 50th Birthday it was so much fun to have all of the family together to celebrate him. He is not one to like much attention except he really enjoys having everyone together. He especially enjoys seeing his "little girl" that he loves to spoil. Happy Birthday Grandpa you are so special to us. Ok so this month we go to start you on food so you really think you can eat anything. Any time we are eating you feel that you are entitled to have some too...even though you have only had cereal & carrots. So one day you were watching me put a lemon in my iced tea & kept reaching for it so I decided I would let you try some. As much as it might look like you did not enjoy it you kept wanting more. Your faces were priceless!

You are such a joy in our little family. Thank you for being my favorite little girl! Know that your daddy & I pray for you all the time. I have been praying for the women you will grow up to be, your future walk with our Savior, your husband (even though you can't date until you are 25!), that you would know you are beautiful & that you will ALWAYS know how much we love you. Love you so much Miss Hallee Jane.




  1. Love her! Her lemon face is too precious!

  2. The best update of all time! I can't wait to see those lemon faces in person! LOL! LOVE IT!