Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week 9


This week you had your 2 month check up & you are doing fantastic! You weighed 11 pounds 8 ounces, you gained 3 pounds last month! You are are now 22 3/4 inches long & your head is 39 cm around. You are in the 50% for you height & head & the 75% for your weight, you are definitely not lacking food! We just love our doctor she takes so much time with each baby & answers all of our questions. She said you are extremely social & very well developed for your age. You have a strong neck, love to move, talk to everyone & smile like crazy. She said we have a great baby, I agree! I have been dreading this appointment for weeks since it was going to be your first shots. Your dad laughed at me because I cried as soon as the took us to your room before the doctor even came in. Then I cried again when she left & said she was going to send the nurse in to administer your shots. I was so glad your daddy was there because he held you while they gave you your shots. You were such a trooper you only cried for like 30 seconds, I cried more then you did.
We decided that since you were probably going to be crabby from your shots that we would get your ears pierced the same day. We figured that you could just get all of your sadness done at once. We were so excited to get your little ears pierced!! We took you to a place at the mall & they took care of everything. The earrings we picked out were the smallest ones they had & they still look so big in your little ears. The lady marked your ears & did the first one and you let out a little cry. Then she moved to the other side & you had stopped. Then she did the other ear & you cried again but again only for a minute. I think that the sound of the gun scared you more then the actual piercing. They have not even bothered you once. We clean them & spin them daily & you don't even flinch. I am so glad we decided to get them done early when you are not really aware of your ears yet so you are not pulling on them. You look like such a big girl now!

Since you had your shots the pediatrician said we are good to check you into the day care at church. Since we are at both services on Sunday I decided to check you into the service when I help out with the students so that I could spend more time hanging out with them. It was so weird checking you in but they have been waiting for weeks so I knew you were in good hands. Your little friend Georgia Faith has been waiting for you to come up there & you did not leave her lap the entire time! She really likes you & you love to smile at her, it is so sweet! I have to say that I did better leaving you there then I thought I would, I think I was so busy at services that I did not even have time to worry about you. The hour and a half went by so fast, they said you were an angel...of course!
Signing you in
You & Georgia Faith, so cute!
Thank you for being such a good baby. I know that we can go anywhere or be gone all day & you are such a trooper. We prayed that you would be a baby that would adjust to our busy schedule & you have. I love that you enjoy being around other people so much. I pray that you use your social abilities to minister to others when you get older. Love you baby!

Your mommy

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  1. Okay I teared up when I saw the pictures of her getting her ears pierced!!! Poor baby but so cute!!!! =)