Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week 8

Love Bug!

You are such a joy to me I love you so very much. This week we got to decorate for Christmas & I am looking forward to your first Christmas here in a few weeks. It is so sweet to think this time last year we were praying about having a little baby & here you are! We are excited to pick out our tree here in a few days, I think you are going to love the lights!

You have started to sleep so much better! You are officially only in your bassinet all night instead of my chest or our bed. That has made for much better sleep for mommy. Also you slept for 7.5 hours a few nights, I hope that is the new trend! I have only been having to get up one time with you in the middle of the night so that is awesome. Now if we can get you to not been so grunty & sleep more solid that last few hours that would be great!

This week we have been trying to work some more on tummy time. There are some days you are totally fine on there for 10 minutes & other days you don't want to be there at all. When you are on there all you want to do is try to scoot forward rather then work on your neck strength. If I stick my had against your foot you will push off of it but you have not quite figured out how to push off of the floor yet. I think you are going to crawl really early...great!

We also went back to Disneyland with Auntie Sarah & your cousins this week. You were such a trooper, you slept almost the entire time. I carried you in the Bjorn instead of the stroller & you just loved it. The only time you woke up was when we got on Buzz Lightyear & you loved all of the lights. You just looked around everywhere at all of the glowing decorations. We were only there for a few hours but I got a great workout carrying you. I cant wait to go back when you are more awake & we can actually get on more rides.

This season is going to be such a blessing & I praise God for our little family. You are such a sweet little girl, we love you so much Hallee!


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