Saturday, December 25, 2010

Week 11

Little Angel!

You are such a great little girl! You always want to be so happy even in the middle of crying because you are hungry you try to smile at us. Your dad makes you smile & giggle so much the two of you are such cute playmates. You have also stared to teethe this week which seems miserable for you. You can see two little swollen marks on your bottom gum. It is pretty early to be getting teeth but I guess your daddy got them really early too. You have been drooling so much that your new accessory is a bib. Also you constantly have your fingers in your mouth chewing on them. I wish I could help you with the pain but you are a trooper as always.

This week we went to see Santa! I was secretly hoping you would cry on his lap since I think those pictures are so cute but you were still cute as always on his lap. Don't worry I told Santa what you wanted for Christmas so don't worry he knows you want a BOB Jogger. :)

Alissa, Jenna & I did a little arts & crafts project with you kids this week. We decided to make little reindeer pictures out of your foot & hand prints. We had seen the idea on our friends fridge & figured they would be so cute with your little feet & hands. We did not really think through the fact that we can not tell you to flatten out your hand or hold still. It was quite fun getting the 3 of you to cooperate, but they still turned out cute!

We also went & looked at Christmas lights in our neighborhood. You really loved all of the lights you just kept staring at all of them. You are so funny you would only look at the lights that were across the street you did want to look at the ones right in front of you. Then I think you finally realized they were the same & were able to enjoy both.

We also got the privilege to play Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus in the live Nativity at our Christmas Eve services. It was cute being a part of such an important symbol of Christmas. There was this little girl that was probably 4 that was so excited to meet baby Jesus. Her parents called me over because she really really wanted her picture with Jesus. They just kept saying what a cute little boy, I didn't have the heart to tell them you were a little girl. Dad really wanted to shave his beard this week but insisted he had to wait because Joseph had a beard. We will see how much longer that beard lasts he has been growing it since a few weeks before you were born.

Thank you for being such a blessing to us Hallee. It is amazing to think that this time last year we were hoping that you would be here & you are. We thank God for allowing us to be your parents even though we don't feel worthy we are honored. We love you so much little girl!!

Your mommy

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