Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas was so fantastic! We were able to go out to Papa & Cha Cha's house on Christmas Eve & have brunch with all of Daddy's siblings. We opened presents from all the Aunts & Uncles which it was cute to see the cute stuff you got. After that we headed back home so that we could go to Christmas services. It was such a great way to prepare for the special season.

Christmas Services

Christmas morning we woke up & read the Christmas story from the bible. It was awesome to put the whole day & why we celebrate into perspective. Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, you really loved the flame on the candle, it will be fun with you can blow it out next year. Then you opened your present from Mom & Dad. We got you a Little People Nativity set hoping that you can grow & play with it for years to come.

Happy Birthday Jesus!
Her very first Christmas present from Mom & Dad
Then we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa's house where we had breakfast & you got more presents. You got some super cute clothes, jacket & adorable boots. You also got some fun toys like a little dog named Velvet that we programed with your favorite things & she says I love you Hallee, its so cute! It was so great to see the look on your face when you looked at the toys. Next year is going to be the best with you can open them up yourself. It was nice because your Great Grandparents from Arizona came down for Christmas so they were there to spend time with us. Your Great Grandma Patsy Jane just adores you, she walked around with you the whole time. I just love to see your friendship building, I just wish they lived closer.

More presents from Grandma & Grandpa McCoy

Can't wait for those sweet little boots to fit!

Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Light

After we headed over to Daddy's Uncle & Aunts house where his entire side of the family was. We had a great time hanging out with them since we don't see a lot of them too often. Papi & Cha Cha got you this great exersaucer for Christmas, you love it already, even tho your feet don't touch the ground quite yet. Also while we were there "Santa" Great Grandpa Bride came to visit. You got to sit on his lap which was so cute. He even brought you a candy cane, your favorite!

Little Elf with Papi
Dancing with Uncle Ryan
Helping Dad open presents from Cha Cha & Papi
"Santa" Great Grandpa Bride came to visit

I heart candy canes!

All day you were so fantastic you let anyone hold you & you didn't want to nap cause of all of the excitement. As soon as we got in the car to come home you fell asleep, tired little girl. When we got home you ate & then slept for 7 hours!! You had such a fantastic day!

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