Monday, September 6, 2010

Hallee Jane Baby Shower #1

Sweet homemade owl booties...thanks Jor!

Adorable handmade tutu from Angie!
Great friends

My favorite woman, my mommy
I LOVE Cupcakes!
My birds nest cupcake
The start of Hallee's library
Praying for our little family
Beautiful decor everywhere...

Thank you thank you thank you Alissa & Tracy for this amazing blessing!


  1. Aw, thanks for sharing! I am so bummed I had to miss it. I still need to get your gift to you and the little bag of "like new" clothes from Kaleiah! Maybe one of these weeks we can do a little dinner again. Where did you get the cup cake toppers? I am making cup cakes for the twins' owl b-day party and those would be perfect! Thanks! xo!

  2. very sweet! I love the owl booties! :)

  3. Oh Hallee Jane you are SO loved already! Can't wait to do all this again on Saturday.

  4. So cute and so fun, thanks friend!!!