Saturday, September 4, 2010

35 Weeks

Sweet Honeydew!

Hallee you don't have much room to maneuver now that you are 18 inches long & weigh 5 1/4 pounds, the weight of a honeydew melon. I enjoy melon so much & I'm sure you will as well! I have been eating so much fruit this summer, especially when it is hot out. My favorite are fruit ice cream bars...yum!

We had our very last birthing class this week...I guess that means we are ready for labor?!?! I have to say that I really really can't wait for you to arrive but I'm kind of scared for labor. I know that women have been doing this for years but the unknown makes me a little anxious. I am trying to let go of any expectations of how your birth will go and just know that God is in control. You will learn that your mom is a little bit of a control freak :)

Our amazing friends Ryan & Alissa had their little boy Wesley Mason this week. We are SO excited for their little family!! We have been dreaming, praying & anticipating this day for months now. Alissa & I dreamt of being pregnant together & have truly enjoyed sharing this journey together. I can't wait until the two of you meet, I know you will be great friends! We walked out of the hospital so excited for when that is us with our little girl.

I can't believe you are going to be here in about a month. Your daddy has been reading to you every night before we go to bed & you roll around in response to hearing his voice. I love that you already recognize his voice & love when he talks to you. The two of you are going to be so close, daddy's little girl!!

Love you sweet baby!

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