Saturday, May 15, 2010

Week 19

Sweet Tomato!

I have to say that your daddy & I do not like tomatoes but this week we do! I'm not really sure what a large heirloom tomato is compared to a regular tomato but it must be big. You are 8 1/2 ounces and measure 6 inches from head to bottom, WOW!

This week has been bitter sweet for us. Romans 8:28 has been the cry of my heart this week, "we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." The sadness we are experiencing has nothing to do with you but the loss of a dear friend of our. You will see more of that in your daddy's letter to you.

On a fun note your Auntie Emily turned 16 this week, I still can't believe it! You & I went out to her school and surprised her and took her out to lunch & to get a pedicure. She was so excited to see us, well mostly you! The first thing she did was rub my belly, cute! She says that if you are a girl you are going to be a little dancer like her, we will see. She really loves you and promises that she is going to visit you a lot.

This week your daddy surprised me with a wonderful Mother's Day gift! We got to go to a local ultrasound place and see you!! It was such a wonderful time seeing your sweet face. This time was a little different then the other ultrasounds we have had because it was 4D so we got to see more of your features. We did not get to view all of the video because we are having our surprise gender reveal next Saturday so we have to wait to see if you are a little boy or girl. Let me tell you it is taking EVERYTHING for us not to peek. I actually had to hid the envelope & video from your daddy, even though I know he really would not peek with out me. We are going to enjoy the entire video next Saturday with our family& friends that come to find out your gender :) I CAN'T WAIT!!

Your daddy also got to feel you move more this week. You seem to be most active while I'm at work and then after dinner when I'm laying in bed. If I lay flat you roll around in my belly, it is the funniest thing. I have really enjoyed feeling you move more, I thought at first I would kind of think it was weird, but I LOVE IT!!

Keep growing sweetie, love you SOOO much!!
Your Mom


  1. Praying for you guys during this hard time of loss! Praying God's peace on you guys, his family and everyone else who knew him. Also praying for your sweet little one. Love you

  2. You are in my prayers my friend! I can't wait for the BIG reveal!!!!!! Miss you!