Friday, August 17, 2012

Insta Joy

Paddle Boarding w/ Daddy

Colin is her new fave

Already driving

Messy art day at church
Shaving cream painting

Face Painting

One month check up 90%!!

Giraffe attack

Potty training buddies 

Jumping in...

nose pinching...

Seahorse ridding

No fear this one!

Evening walks gone wave chasing

Sissy love!

Blanket enjoying (thanks Stacy)

Out to dinner entertaing, we love stickers!


Tea party...cheers!


Love where we live


Paint markers or lipstick?!

Death grip on froggie to protect him from the 
paci thief aka sister!

Can't get enough sister cuddles

Besties at the fair

Date kids!!

Celebrating sweet Angie & new little man

All in 2 minutes...the life of a newborn!

Best random Monday road trip

Its been too long old friend

This is happening...back to work for Mom

Does this count as sharing your toys or 
burying your sister?!?

Wedding fun

Raspberries turned olives?

Birthday Bruxie...yes please!



Disneyland here we come!

Zoey's first ride!


Dole YUM!

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