Saturday, February 11, 2012


Minnesota was one of those trips where you walk away feeling refreshed & longing for more. We spent a week with our dear friends the Tisor's & it could not have been better. It was refresing to spend time with those friends who truly know you. It was so much fun to see the kids play together, Hallee & Asher got along so well. Hallee called Asher A-chew, it sounded like she was sneezing, love it! They are 5 months apart & Evan & Zoey will also be 5 months apart, so fun!

Of course we visited Mall of America,

lets just say WOW!

They have a theme park inside

gotta love the carousel

Love that Asher & Hallee are

making the same face

Taking a bus ride

Stood on home plate

Hallee's new favorite thing is to ride

up & down the escalator

Mike's new favorite coffee shop!

We got Hallee her first American Girl

doll from her little sister Zoey, too cute!

Noodles & Co! Lets just say I might have

to make a trip to Encinitas, CA soon

Flying Peter Pan

Turning chopsticks into drum stick

Journeyed to the Zoo

The kids has so much fun checking out the animals!

Gotta get as close as possible!

Holding hands!

(Hi turtle)

Too cute!

Looking at the penguins with daddy

We did a lot of hanging out around

the house enjoing each others company

Trying to melt a chocloate cigar...Oh Gregg!

Sweet Evan!

Enjoying some chocolate

Tickle fight!

Watching some Mickey Mouse, Hallee

found a MM buddy!

Playing in the snow

Of course eating the snow!
Love this little man!

We drove around Minneapolis

Visited Target Field

(2 things I enjoy, Target & baseball)

This is what happens when the boys

end up with the camera

We walked on a frozen lake at sunset

This is again what happens when the boys

end up with the camera...lake!

Love this girl!

This was an amazing trip & we anticipate the day when we live close again!

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