Monday, October 3, 2011

Sweet ONE!

For your birthday we had a fun party at Aunt Kim & Uncle Kent's house. It was such a joy celebrating your first year with our family & friends. The day was perfect & you had so much fun running around with all the other little kids. Your favorite part was of course the cake & all the attention you got!
The tables had crayons so people could color
on the table cloth & Becky left this for you

All the kids playing in the "kitchen"

Delicious cupcakes, thanks Auntie Sarah!

Yummy Candy Bar!

Loving everyone singing to you
First bite...

Then you could not get enough!
Such a good sharer!
Present time...

Cards were your favorite...
they are like books :)

Grandma & Grandpa got you this fun car that
is just like one your daddy & I had as a kid!

You rode around all day yelling...beep beep!


  1. Love the Sweet One theme! So cute!! Wish we could've been there...

  2. Had such a blast!! Thank you for allowing me to share in such a special little girls 1st birthday!! Everything was so precious and the cupcakes made me and baby Ace very happy!! =) Love you guys!