Sunday, August 14, 2011

Students Own the Weekend!

This weekend our students ran adult services. Once or twice a year our students get the opportunity to pull together the weekend services from music, greeting, announcements & testimonies. We basically take care of everything minus the message & it is awesome. Our students take such ownership & show the adults what SSM is all about. The adults love it...especially the music! I always walk away so proud of how hard our kids work to make this all come together. I love student ministries!!

We have an extremely talented student Rachel who is ubber creative. She loves to read, draw, write along with many other things. She wrote & read this beautiful poem at prepared to be WOWed!!

There once was a girl
who found herself
in a good home
with some good friends
and some good memories.
On the outside,
the girl liked her life
and was having fun.
But some nights,
she would lie alone in the dark,
and feel the emptiness
that was eating her heart away.
She would ask God
to fill this emptiness
with something to help her
feel better.
But that's all she ever did:
Ask God.
She never thanked Him
for all of her blessings.
She never praised Him
for his never-ending love.
She never really thought about
Him at all;
she was just going though
the motions
of what everyone thought
Christians did.
But God has his timing.
There came a moment
when the girl
was to make a leap of faith,
and she was scared.
Scared that her wings
would not work
and all she would do
is anger the others around her.
Have them see what
she had done
and scowl.
"She's a fake,"
they'd say.
"She can do no good.
Hear her hypocritical words!
Who does she think she is?
Calling herself a Christian!
She is not one of us.
She is not worthy
of the good Lord's love."
She was afraid that
she would think them right
and fall.
Something inside her stirred.
"It's alright,
you're safe in My arms,"
and finally, she believed.
"The Lord is always with me,"
she cried,
"He will be my guide."
and now she flies
with God by her side.
If you were to ask the girl
about that day,
she'd smile at you
and say,
"Becoming a Christian doesn't mean
life will get easier.
God will test your faith
like gold in a fire,
and you have to trust Him
to lead you to safety.
Becoming a Christian means
understanding that
we are always forgiven,
we are always loved,
and we are always with Him.
It means accepting His amazing grace
and the fact that You
are God's child,
and nothing else matters

Rachel Brownell

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