Thursday, June 2, 2011

7 Months

Hallee babe!

You are such a joy! We could not have asked for a happier & funny baby. This month has been a new journey for both of us. This is the first month I have been home full time since you were a baby. I feel like we have both been going through a huge transition. You have gotten so used to me being around all the time there was a week or so that you would not let me out of your sight. You would fuss if I left the room or would not hold you, but thankfully you have out grown that stage. For me it has been a learning curve getting used to not having a set schedule. I found & truly still find myself feeling a little unaccomplished by the end of day but I have to remind my self that I am making a bigger impact in your life then I realize right now.

You really love to eat & this month you started feeding yourself finger food. You will still eat the food that I make for you but you really enjoy when I will just cut up some carrot, broccoli, chicken or fruit. You also really enjoy drinking out of a straw, you really think you are a toddler already! You are still taking steps but & more in the cruising mode where you walk from the couch to the coffee table to your exersaucer. You are still not too sure if what you want to get to is more then 5 steps away you would rather crawl there. We have definitely been in the baby proofing mode these days because you love to pull open drawers & cabinets.

The great news is that you sleep through the night so that gives daddy & I some time in the evenings. You tend to go down between 8:30-9:30 depending on if you napped during the day. Naps are really not your favorite thing you seem to fight them more often than not, though you are getting better. You mostly wake up around 7:00am sometimes earlier but you like to just cuddle so I'm okay with that. I am just happy that I no longer have to get up at 4:30 to rock you back to sleep!

Hallee you just LOVE to be outside & around other people! I am so glad because that is what we enjoy as well. If I am busy & you see the door open you will just crawl outside the door & just sit there like a little puppy on the door mat. I guess that is your way of telling me, take me outside mom!
Your Uncle Daniel & Aunt Nicole took you on a little
trip to the park & you had so much fun!
You are also a doggie lover! Whenever we go to grandma &
grandpa's house you just love playing with their puppies!

Here doggie doggie!
You also like the beach & have a new fascination with the sand...
especially putting it in your mouth!
I have found a new hobby stand up paddling, so much fun! I can't wait
until you can put on a life jacket & sit on the front of my board
while we cruise around the harbor!

So serious!
Loving the park!
And the swing...

We just can not get enough of you little girl! You are so special & it has been so much fun seeing your personality come to life. You are going to a fun & energetic daughter & friend. I am blessed to be your mommy. My prayer is that you will have life to the fullest John 10:10 We love you so much sweetie!


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  1. She is growing up so quickly! I am so thankful that I have gotten to see her as many times as I have these past months of her life! Now, how do I get out there for her big 1st bday in October!? Love you, Hallee!