Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We LOVE Disney!

We really enjoy Disneyland & California Adventure so it is a blessing that we live so close. We had fun the last few times we went just hanging out in the beautiful summer weather. You just love all of the people, you are going to be a people watcher like you mom! You also really love the rides, it is really fun to see you take it all in. This last trip you got your very first pair of Minnie Mouse Ears!! You look so cute wearing them, even though they are still a little too big for you, you are going to grow into them before we know it.

Hallee "Minnie" Mouse

You really like Monster's Inc, Boo is your favorite!

This is sometimes how I feel...your dad said, that's how I look sometimes!

Bugs Land is so fun

Carousel rides are so classic

Always interested in something shinny!

Caleb is so cute!

I think you were more interested in the water than
anything else on the Jungle Cruise!

You adore your daddy, so sweet!


  1. She's getting to be such a big girl!! So cute! Can't wait to meet your adorable little Hallee. :)

  2. Precious daddy/daughter picture :)