Monday, May 2, 2011

Date Day Monday!

Exciting news...we have been blessed that officially mommy can stay home with you during the week!! I will only be working 6 hours on Saturdays, this is a total blessing. The great thing is that since daddy has Monday's off we can officially have a family date day. This week was our first one & we all had SO much fun! This is what our day looked like...

We took a short drive down the coast to the beautiful Encinitas
Headed to the oh so delicious Potato Shack! If you have not been here you MUST!
Man hole blueberry pancakes...delicious!!
Then we drove by the "house boats" these are literally boats on a house lot...seriously!
Parked at Swami's beach & took a walk thru downtown
Plum tuckered out
Then we headed over to a friends pool where we took you in the pool for the first time.
You did not like the water at first, I think it was too cold for you.

It took you a few minutes to get used to the water. After that it was like a bath,
you were just splashing around enjoying the water.

Enjoying the pool
Splashing around
SO much fun!
We ended our day hanging up your Easter present from Papi & Grandma, you love your swing!
I can't wait until next Monday!!

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  1. kristin i am so glad you finally have a day where you both aren't working!!! what a blessing!!! hallee looks so cute in her swimsuit :)