Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week 12

Pumpkin Girl!

You have been laughing so much more lately. I with that I could make your giggle my ring tone because there is nothing like the innocent sound of a baby's laugh. You also just love to smile at everyone, it is so cute! Your favorite place to be is outside or at least out and about. I think you just love to see all the new things around you. You constantly want to look around & see whats going on.

This week our great friends the Tisor's came to visit, which we have been counting down the days for. They are in town for a few weeks from Minnesota so I sure we will see them as much as possible. This was our first time meeting little Asher & he is so sweet. The two of you were so cute together, he just wanted to play with you. We would let the two of you get close together & you would just stare at him & he would just grab at you. I think there were a few times he wanted to eat your hands but we will just say that he was giving you kisses. :) The Tisor's are those friends you pick right back up where you left off like you saw them last week. They are such amazing friends I pray that some day we will live close again.

It was also New Year's this week which seemed so crazy to me. We spent the evening with some great friends playing games & having delicious waffles! You were having so much fun you refused to go to sleep. You stayed up until midnight!! I could not believe you made it that long. As soon as we got in the car you were out & slept for 8 hours, you little party animal! It was so fun to reflect over the last year & all that we have gone through. It seems like this whole year was transitioning into baby mode & I love it. It is kind of sad that the year you were conceived, grow & born is gone but we celebrate what God is going to do in 2011. 2010 was my favorite year of life so far for so many reasons. Your dad & I shared so many special moments & grew so much this year it will be one we never forget. A few of my most memorable moments of 2010 were...#1. The day we found out you were coming #2. Telling our parents they were going to be grandparents #3. Opening the bins to see pink balloons fly out #4. October 3rd the day we dreamed about for 40 weeks #5. Your laugh, your smell, your smile, your eyes...YOU!

Our New Years Baby!

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit this weekend & it was such a beautiful day. We took a walk down on the pier & came across this beautiful pelican. He was so friendly he just wanted to have his picture taken, he kept posing for us. It was fun to see one that close up.

Hallee Jane I can't wait to be here a year from now & see how much you have changed. In the same breath I want this year to go by slow so that we can cherish every moment. I want to learn to enjoy today more & thank God for what he is doing in our little family. I pray that our 2011 be filled with so much joy & celebration. Love you sweetie!


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