Saturday, December 18, 2010

Week 10

Little Miss!

This week we went & picked out our tree! I know you really don't know what is going on but I was SO excited to go as a family. Your dad is such a trooper because I always make him open like 5 trees before I pick the best one. I have to say that I think this years tree is beautiful & possibly my favorite one ever! We enjoyed decorating the tree with you & you loved to stare at the lights. We drank some hot chocolate & hung up all of our ornaments. It is such a funreminiscing time for us to remember each ornament. Since I was little my parents bought me a new ornament each year & your dads family did the same thing. So when your daddy & I started dating 11 Christmas' ago we started buying a new ornament together. So this year it was fun to add your first Christmas ornaments too!! I look forward to when you start picking out your own ornament & seeing what you love. There were like 3 Christmas' in a row that I bought a Eeyore ornament because he was my favorite. What will be your favorite?

You just LOVE to sit up. When ever you are on our lap you have to be sitting up or you like to have us pull you to a standing position and say "What a big girl!" You just smile so big. So this week we took out your bumbo to see if you would like to sit in that. Of course you do! You really like it if we sit you in front of the Christmas tree or the tv, you love the lights. You will sit in your chair for the longest time it is so cute. You even did some Christmas baking with mommy in the kitchen you your chair. One night your dad was sitting next to you on the floor while you were in your bumbo talking to you & you laughed so loud and long. I was standing in the door was to the living room & got to hear the whole thing. I am so glad that we were both home for that big laugh. You have done it a few times since then but not as often as I would love. I can't wait for you to laugh all of the time, there is nothing like a baby's giggle.

You are also the funniest sleeper! You LOVE to have the blanket against your face, thanks to Grandma. You also have to have the fuzzy blanket on your cheek when you sleep. If I would let you you would sleep like this everyday. I only let you sleep with the blanket all around you if I am sitting by you for safety reasons. When you are ready for a nap I can just put you on the fuzzy blanket & you are out! You sleep so peaceful, can you teach me how to do that?!?

This Sunday was our annual footy pajama day at student services. Every year we all were pajamas & then after services we stay & watch Elf. That is my all time favorite Christmas movie, I seriously watch it half a dozen times in December or more. You wore the cutest footy pajamas & they were perfect because it was raining like crazy outside so they kept you warm. Your cute little pink bear pj's remind me of the little boy from Where the Wild Things Are.

I love you so very much miss Hallee Jane, thank you for bring us so much joy.


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