Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week 33

My Pineapple!

This week you baby weigh a little over 4 pounds, like a pineapple! I really love pineapples they are yummy! You have passed the 17-inch mark, that is almost as long as you will be when you are born. I can definitely tell you are getting bigger because it used to only take 2 squirts of lotion to rub on my belly & now I need 3 squirts! People have really been commenting that they can totally tell I'm pregnant. I even had a random Member at work rub my belly...I don't think I like that!

We had our first child birthing class this week. I have to say that I'm a little sad to think that you will actually not be living in my belly forever! The class was the first of 3 we will take so we have to go again the next 2 weeks. We are really excited for them to really talk about the labor & what to expect. Your daddy is going to be such a good helper in the delivery room. He is such a wonderful encourager!

This week was my birthday, I can't believe I am 28 years old! I was able to get a fabulous maternity massage...I secretly want one everyday now! I have to say that I spent some time reflecting on what the past 28 years has been like & I pray you have the great life I do. I have to say that in 28 years I have experienced so many joys in life. I can't wait to celebrate your "birth" day here in a few weeks!

Love you Hallee!



  1. LOVE THE HAIR CUT!!!! You are looking super cute my friend!!! Can't wait for Saturday! (ps the lotion bit made me laugh!!!) I hope they make you do pretend labor in your birthing class. That is pretty funny! =)