Saturday, July 31, 2010

30 Weeks

Our Large Cabbage!

You are about 15.7 inches long now & you weigh almost 3 pounds, like a head of large cabbage. You are developing so quickly now, you are going to be here in 10 short weeks! Your dad & I just can't wait to hold you. There are days were we feel like 10 weeks is so far away and other times it feels like it will be tomorrow. You have been moving around a lot & it seems everyday you get a little bit higher on my belly. It is so much fun to be able to feel that you are defiantly getting bigger in there.

This weekend I had the privilege of helping throw Alissa & Wesley's baby shower. It was so much fun celebrating them & seeing all the love everyone has for them. She was totally blessed with so many gifts I think she is almost ready for his arrival. I am looking forward to meeting Wesley in a few weeks. The two of you are going to be great friends so soon!

Your grandma & aunt Emily came down this week to bring all kinds of wonderful stuff for you. Your grandma refinished this sweet little horse rocking chair & painted it pink. She also made you the CUTEST quilt, I kind of want to use it myself, you will just have to share it with me. Then one of my favorite parts is she brought pieces of your crib bedding that she is making! She is so talented even though she will not admit it. Your bedding is going to be SO adorable when its done I can't wait!! I am just amazed how much love & support we are getting from our family, we are all so lucky.

I have to admit that almost every night you wake me up when you are moving around & I lay there in the quite of our room & dream about you. I think about what you are going to look like will you have my dimples and freckles, your dad's lips, my eyelashes or your dad's nose? I just can't wait to see your sweet little face! Love you so much baby girl!

Love you,
Your mom


  1. Okay Kris, one week without pictures I can forgive but 2 weeks is just unacceptable :) I miss you and I wanna see that belly!!

  2. YOU ARE LOOKING SO SUPER CUTE MY FRIEND!!!! ps thanks for the coin!!! I got it today! I was on vaca and I was so excited to have that waiting for me! I can't wait to see you again!!!!

  3. you are SO ADORABLE!!!! i wish i could see you in person & touch your cute belly (that sounds weird but you know what i mean)!! she will be here so soon now, can't wait!

  4. Hallee is coming so soon!!! Can't wait!!!